1. Solutions are to be submitted per email to
  2. Submissions must state the version of the verification system used (for development versions, internal revision, timestamp, or similar unique id).
  3. The main rule of the competition is no cheating is allowed. The judges may penalize or disqualify entrants in case of unfair competition behavior and may adjust the competition rules to prevent future abuse.
  4. It is allowed to modify the verification system during the competition. This is to be noted in the solution(s).
  5. All techniques used must be general-purpose, and are expected to extend usefully to new unseen problems.
  6. Internet access is allowed, but googling problem solutions is not.
  7. Involvement of other people beyond those on the team is not allowed.
  8. While care is taken to ensure correctness of the reference implementations supplied with problem descriptions, the organizers do not guarantee that they are indeed correct.

(We acknowledge Geoff Sutcliffe for inspiring/suggesting some of these rules.)